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Rest in a natural way like a small child.
Rest like an ocean without waves.
Rest within clarity like a candle flame.
Rest without self-concerns like a human corpse.
Rest unmoving like a mountain.





Our habitual tendency is to always be busy, doing something, changing something, or cultivating something. Therefore when somebody asks us to just relax, to just be natural, it is very difficult for us to actually understand how to do that.


His Holiness the Karmapa



Use the Dharma that you have studied to change your mind, to be different from before. That is the purpose of Dharma, and if you can use it to change your mind in this way you won't be poor in Dharma.


As Tewugen Rinpoche said: Those who know the secret of turning iron into gold through alchemy never experience material poverty.


Ling Rinpoche



If you amass a multitude of profound texts, such as scriptures, commentaries and oral instructions, and you don't practice them, they will be of no benefit at the time of death.

'To watch your mind' is my heart advice.





We should be really concerned with these questions: Am I really practicing in a genuine way? Am I really progressing? We need to check ourselves, again and again.


As we practice more and more, the basic guideline is: are our disturbing emotions diminishing? Is wisdom developing and increasing? Yes or no? We should examine ourselves honestly in this way.


Tsoknyi Rinpoche



The most important thing is practice in daily life; then you can know gradually the true value of religion. Doctrine is not meant for mere knowledge, but for the improvement of our minds. In order to do that, it must be part of our life. If you put religious doctrine in a building and when you leave the building depart from the practices, you cannot gain its value.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama



Mind is eclipsed by many different obscurations; if they are removed, mind's fundamental nature, like the sun shining brightly in a clear, open sky, can manifest all the qualities of wisdom, compassion, and a Buddha's abilities.


Kalu Rinpoche

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