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Without disbelieving the object of misconception, it's impossible to abandon misconceiving it.





No matter how many outside enemies you destroy, whenever you destroy one enemy, another appears. It goes on and on. There is no end to it.


On the other hand, if you turn inwards and address you own disturbing emotions, such as anger and jealousy, all the enemies disappear.


His Holiness Sakya Trizin



All attain Buddhahood through meditation,
But if one attains Buddhahood without meditation, there is definite enlightenment.


There is no amazing achievement without practice,
But there is amazing achievement without practice.


By searching, all will find enlightenment,
But to find without searching is the greatest find.





There are many ways of grasping at the meditative state. Some of you might be so blissful that you feel, 'Wow, it is so great to feel this. Even if I were to be pricked with a needle right now, it will probably also be a pleasant sensation. It won't hurt at all.'


According to Dzogchen, it's perfectly all right to feel blissful. You don't have to avoid it, but neither should you hold on to it by clinging to or yearning for the feeling of bliss. Instead, recognize that which experiences, and simply allow the bliss to be a reflection in this mirror. Do not fixate upon it at all.


Tsoknyi Rinpoche



Because we don't recognize our essential nature, we don't realize that although appearances arise unceasingly, nothing is really there.


We invest with solidity and reality the seeming truth of self, other, and actions between self and others.


This intellectual obscuration gives rise to attachment and aversion, followed by actions and reactions that create karma, solidify into habit, and perpetuate the cycles of suffering. This entire process needs to be purified.


Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche



The root of the whole of samsara and nirvana is the nature of mind. To realise it, rest in unstructured ease without meditating on anything.


When all that needs to be done is to rest in yourself, it is amazing that you are deluded by seeking elsewhere! Everything is of the primordial nature, without its being this and not that.





The mind, deluded by the appearance of samsara,
Sees the faults of others with the senses.
It is darkened by the prison of samsara;
It is made intolerable by the fire of samsara;
It is caught in the spider web of samsara;
It is stuck in samsara as the bee is in nectar;
It is encased in samsara like a silkworm in a cocoon.
There is no substance to the hollow tree of samsara.
Samsara is like the moon's reflection in water,
Without essence.



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