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In Buddhism, when we hear about generating immeasurable love and compassion towards all beings, it literally means all beings without exception. It does not mean just my family, or my friends, or my people from my country, or even just human beings from my world.


It means expanding our love and compassion so that it becomes immeasurable - so that it embraces each and every sentient being throughout all of the planes of cyclic existence, no matter where they are, no matter what form that they have.


Of course, until we achieve the omniscient state of a Buddha and help countless beings simultaneously, we must accept our present limitations. Nevertheless, without losing our immeasurable love and compassion towards all beings throughout cyclic existence, we carry on living our day to day life, and simply allow these immeasurable qualities to embrace each and every being that we come across, and we try our best to benefit them, no matter who they are, or what they do. If we can't benefit them, at the very least do not harm them.


Chamtrul Rinpoche



Comprehending beyond good and evil
opens the way to perfect skill....
Experiencing the dissolution of duality,
you embrace the highest view.




Some people are so fully open to the true nature of existence that they are peaceful no matter what the circumstances. For the enlightened mind, peace does not depend on any object or concept. Awareness of the absolute nature of things, the universal truth, is not limited or conditioned by concepts, feelings, or labels such as good and bad. A mind that is free can transcend dualistic categories such as peace versus conflict, and joy versus suffering. The enlightened mind does not discriminate between a subjective or objective reality, or between liking and disliking. Time is timeless, and everything in existence is perfect as it is.


Tulku Thondup



If you have really assimilated the teachings properly, everything you do, say and think should be as soft as stepping on cotton wool, and as mild as tsampa soup laced with butter.


Patrul Rinpoche



This sacred substance [the nature of everything] we have to, and should, respect, appreciate, uphold and cherish it as it is. I will give a simple example, when you feel shaky, kind of not certain and become confused, then face a mountain and look at the mountain. Mountains do not move. And when you feel so small and so incapable..., so inferior, then look at the sky. Your mind is as limitless as sky. You are limitless. You have no limitation. You are not inferior or incapable, that has no space. Space is limitless. Mind is like space, in fact mind is space. That is why some of you could be born here and have come from billions of light years away, because for mind, it covers everything, it is all-pervading. Therefore, you can die billions of light years away and be born here in a split second. It does not take millions of light years to get here.

Tai Situ Rinpoche



As I see the rising sun spreading radiance all around,
The authentic guru's wisdom and compassion.
Come to mind.
Then he tenderly looked after me;
Now that time is gone.
Thinking and thinking of him,
The guru's presence fills my mind.





Look outward at the appearing objects,
And like the water in a mirage,...
They are more delusive than delusion.
Unreal like dreams and illusions,
They resemble reflected moon and rainbows.

Look inward at your own mind!
It seems quite exciting, when not examined.
But when examined, there is nothing to it.
Appearing without being, it is nothing but empty.
It cannot be identified saying, "that's it!"
But is evanescent and elusive like mist.

Look at whatever may appear
In any of the ten directions.
No matter how it may appear,
The thing in itself, its very nature,
Is the sky-like nature of mind,
Beyond the projection and dissolution of thought and

Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche

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