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Quotes from Chamtrul Rinpoche and other masters of Buddhism



With enough heat, ice will turn into steam. Likewise, with the heat of practice, conceptually understanding the nature of reality will turn into the non-conceptual experience of it.


Chamtrul Rinpoche



Recognize that your mind is the unity of being empty and cognizant, suffused with knowing. When your attention is extroverted, you fall under the sway of thoughts. Let your attention recognize itself. Recognize that it is empty. That which recognizes is the cognizance.


You can trust at that moment that these two - emptiness and cognizance - are an original unity. Seeing this is called self-knowing wakefulness.

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche



Is space anywhere supported? Upon what does it rest?
Like space, mahamudra is dependant upon nothing;
Relax and settle in the continuum of unalloyed purity,
And, your bonds loosening, release is certain.





If you have fear of some pain or suffering, you should examine whether there is anything you can do about it. If you can, there is no need to worry about it; if you cannot do anything, then there is also no need to worry.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama



The mind is also empty of true existence, of existence from its own side. This quality of mind, known as Buddha-nature, gives us the potential to free ourselves completely from all suffering, including disease, and the causes of suffering and to achieve any happiness we wish, including the peerless happiness of enlightenment.


Since the mind has all this potential, we do not need to feel depressed or hopeless. It is not as if we have to experience problems forever. We have incredible freedom to develop our mind in any way that we wish. It is simply a question of finding the right way to use the potential of our mind.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche



There are many forces surrounding us that encourage us to follow along unthinkingly wherever our greed leads us. We are bombarded by advertising designed to convince us that our happiness depends on material goods. Today’s global culture tells us that having more of these goods is a measure of our success in life, and even of our value as a person.


This message comes at us in many forms and from many directions, so we need a clear awareness of how greed works in order to protect ourselves from being deceived by these forces. We can then counteract them with inner wisdom about where real success and personal value come from.

His Holiness the Karmapa



Happiness, hand in hand with suffering,
inexpressibly, is intrinsically present -
or are our minds too dull to notice?

The build-up of samsaric propensities,
primordially, is the pure dimension of being -
pity him who has not noticed!

In the field of sense organ, object and consciousness
every recollection and apperception, every flicker of the mind,
arises as the dimension of perfect enjoyment -
how can we fail to see it!

All goal-oriented conventional activity
and all chatter, gossip and laughter,
is the dimension of magical emanation -
surely we all know that! Or are we so dull?

Every impulse and stirring of the mind,
seamless, like a flowing stream,
our constant mental enchantment,
is effortless, natural meditation -
surely we can't miss that!

Looking closely at matter and energy,
and at thought, sound and form,
it is all insubstantial projection,
and this view that empties our urban samsara
has always been with us, though unseen -
surely our doors of perception are now open!


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