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I am not, I will not be.
I have not, I will not have.
This frightens all children,
And kills fear in the wise.




When you have truly attained the realization of this emptiness, you will be like the venerable Milarepa or Guru Rinpoche, who were unaffected by the heat of summer or the cold of winter, and who could not be burned by fire or drowned in water. In emptiness there is neither pain nor suffering.


We, on the other hand, have not understood the empty nature of the mind and so, when bitten by even a small insect, we think, ‘Ouch! I’ve been bitten. It hurts!’ or, when someone says something unkind, we get angry. That is a sign that we have not realized the mind’s empty nature.


Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche



One does not have to feel totally at the mercy of one’s emotion. It is only when acquiescing to the emotion, or investing the emotion with the falsehood of reality, that one is forced to play out the consequences.


Kalu Rinpoche



Monks, we who look at the whole and not just the part, know that we too are systems of interdependence, of feelings, perceptions, thoughts, and consciousness all interconnected.


Investigating in this way, we come to realize that there is no me or mine in any one part, just as a sound does not belong to any one part of the lute.


Shakyamuni Buddha



The opportunity to experience yourself differently is always available.


Mingyur Rinpoche



Everything is interconnected and interdependent. Nothing exists independently, separate from everything else - nothing ever has done, and nothing ever will.


Understanding this will help us to understand how it’s possible for the omniscient mind of a Buddha to nonconceptually perceive all phenomena simultaneously - the interconnectedness and interdependence of everything, from the past, present and future.


Chamtrul Rinpoche



The pathless path
is the path always under our feet
and since that path is always beneath us,
if we miss it, how stupid!



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