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The chances of finding a precious human existence are one in a hundred. Now that you have found one, if you fail to practise the sublime Dharma, how could you possibly expect to find such an opportunity again?


This is why it’s crucial that you take advantage of your situation.


Chatral Rinpoche



The greatest medicine is the awareness of the emptiness of everything.





Activities are endless, like ripples on a stream. They end only when you drop them.

Human moods are like the changing highlights and shadows on a sunlit mountain range.

All activities are like the games children play, like castles being made of sand.

View them with delight and equanimity, like grandparents overseeing their grandchildren, or a shepherd resting on a grassy knoll watching over his grazing flock.


Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche



If we really wish to be free from suffering and experience happiness, it is important to work on the causes. Without working on the causes, we cannot expect to yield any results.


Each and every thing must have its own complete cause; things do not appear from nowhere, from the wrong cause, or from an incomplete cause. So the source of all our suffering is our own negative deeds. Negative deeds result from not knowing reality, not knowing the true nature of the mind.


Instead of seeing the true nature of the mind, we cling to a self for no logical reason. All of us have a natural tendency to cling to a self because we are so used to it. It is a kind of habit we have formed since beginningless time. However, if we carefully examine and investigate, we cannot find the self.


His Holiness Sakya Trizin



Simply let experience take place very freely, so that your open heart is suffused with the tenderness of true compassion.


Tsoknyi Rinpoche



We must put the Dharma into practice. Using the Dharma to only look for faults in others, and never in ourselves, is entirely missing the point of what it's intended for.


Even acknowledging just the tiniest fault in our own mind, and practising accordingly, will bring us an infinite amount more benefit than doing nothing but finding all of the faults in others.  


Chamtrul Rinpoche



The ultimate source of my mental happiness is my peace of mind. Nothing can destroy this except my own anger.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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