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Awareness in itself is always clear, capable of reflecting anything, even misconceptions about itself.


Mingyur Rinpoche



After happiness comes suffering. After suffering comes happiness. For beings in samsara, transitory happiness and suffering revolve like a wheel.





There is no other way to reach enlightenment than by recognizing buddha nature and attaining stability in it. Buddhas of the past did that, and the present-day practitioners who will be the buddhas of the future will do so by recognizing their own nature and attaining stability in it. There is no other way. Nobody else can accomplish enlightenment for us or pull us into liberation. It is completely up to ourselves.


Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche



You may be rich, powerful, and well educated, but without these healthy feelings of kindness and compassion there will be no peace within yourself, no peace within your family – even your children suffer. Kindness is essential to mental peace.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama



Whatever joy there is in this world
All comes from desiring others to be happy,
And whatever suffering there is in this world
All comes from desiring myself to be happy.





Turning us back from the road to the lower planes of existence,

It shows us the road to the higher planes of existence,

And leads to where there is no old age and death

To this bodhicitta, in homage I bow.

I bow to those who have given birth

To this most precious and sacred of minds,

Who bring bliss to even those who cause them harm.

In such sources of happiness, I take refuge.


Chatral Rinpoche



The Buddha has manifested in our world; he has turned the wheel of the teachings and these teachings have survived until now. You have received them from an authentic teacher and are ready to put them into practise. Rather than frittering your life away in futile pursuits, should you not marvel at your good fortune and concentrate all your efforts on doing just that, without losing so much as an instant?


Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche


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