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Focus, not on the rudeness of others,
Not on what they've done, or left undone,
But on what you have and haven't done yourself.


Buddha Shakyamuni



I study my mind and therefore all appearances are my texts.





The Buddha is not going to project you to buddhahood, as if throwing a stone. He is not going to purify you, as if washing a dirty cloth, nor is he going to cure you of ignorance, like a doctor administering medicine to a passive patient. Having attained full enlightenment himself, he is showing you the path, and it is up to you to follow it or not. It is up to you now to practice these teachings and experience their results.


Dilgo Khyenste Rinpoche



In the natural state as it is, we should not become distracted by the external display, nor should we grasp internally. We should experience a state where there is not even a hair's worth of clinging or grasping to any experience.


Yangthang Rinpoche



Ordinary people do not question the commonly accepted version of reality. They conform to the standard values of subduing enemies and cherishing friends and family. Materialism, ambition and mundane achievements are the worldly hallmarks of success.


We experience the phenomenal world and our minds as solid and truly existent. Very few people doubt these assertions and question their validity. Yet, the process of disbelief is the first step on the spiritual path.


Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche



To leave aside your own nature and search elsewhere is extremely deluded.





Abandon a bad custom, even if it comes from your father or your ancestors.

Adopt a good custom, even if it is practiced by your adversaries.

Do not take poison, even from the hand of your mother.

Gold, even given by an enemy, still has all its qualities.



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