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Quotes from Chamtrul Rinpoche and other masters of Buddhism



When a river meets a wide valley, its flow is weak. But where that valley narrows, the flow becomes powerful.


So too, the energy of a scattered mind has very little power, compared to when it's gathered in concentration.


Quite simply, the greater the concentration, the greater the power of any practice.


Chamtrul Rinpoche



In the universal womb that is boundless space
All forms of matter and energy occur
As flux of the four elements,
But all are empty forms, absent in reality:

All phenomena, arising in pure mind, are like that.


Just as dream is a part of sleep,
Unreal in its arising,
So all and everything is pure mind,
Never separated from it,
And without substance or attribute.


Experience is neither mind nor anything but mind;
It is a vivid display of emptiness, like magical illusion,
In the very moment inconceivable and unutterable.
All experience arising in the mind,
At its inception, know it as emptiness!





If you are beyond all grasping at an object and at a subject,
that is the monarch of all views.
If there is no distraction,
it is the monarch of all meditations.
If there is no effort,
it is the monarch among all conducts.
When there is no hope and no fear,
that is the final result,
and the fruition has been attained or revealed.





Mind is empty, it doesn’t have any solid tangible reality; that is dharmakaya. But it is clear, it is always clear and that is sambhogakaya. But that clarity is the clarity of that emptiness and that emptiness is the emptiness of that clarity. They are not two things glued together by force, no! Emptiness is the emptiness of the clarity and clarity is the clarity of the emptiness – they are together.


Tai Situ Rinpoche



Just as a grammarian first has students read a model of the alphabet, Buddha taught students the doctrine that they could bear.


To some he taught doctrines to turn them away from ill-deeds.To some, for the sake of achieving merit.

To some, doctrines based on duality. To some, doctrines based on non-duality.


And to some, what is profound and frightening to the fearful – having an essence of emptiness and compassion – the means of achieving unsurpassed enlightenment.





The relationship between emptiness and experience isn’t so simple or rather it’s so simple that it’s easy to miss.


Mingyur Rinpoche



Try to imagine what it's like when this moment of empty cognizance suffused with awareness starts to last for a full hour, unbroken. The very first moment of empty cognizance already has the potential for full omniscience, as well as the potential for compassion and loving kindness - the potential ability to protect and help other beings, as well as to manifest the activity that functions for the welfare of all. All these qualities are present, but not fully manifest. The longer this duration lasts, the more the qualities become visible, actualized. They don't just appear later on, when realization is fully experienced. When the sun rises in the morning, do we have to wait for it to shine for it to be warm and brilliant? Although the noon sun may be stronger than the dawn sun, all of its qualities are present from the very first moment, though they may not be fully manifested. It's the same in this training. What is essential is to train in order to attain stability.

Please understand that 'rangjung yeshe', self-existing wakefulness, is primordially endowed with all perfect qualities. The qualities of enlightenment are not a fabrication or a product. They are not a new achievement, an unprecedented new discovery, or something that we achieve. They are present from the very beginning. It's like the unchanging brilliance of the sun shining in the sky. It can be obscured by clouds, but these clouds are neither primordial nor intrinsic to the sky; they are always temporary, momentary. What prevents full realization of our innate nature of self-existing wakefulness is the momentary occurrence of thoughts and fixation. Because this occurrence is momentary, it can be cleared away. It's very important to understand this.


Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

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