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A mind committed to compassion is like an overflowing reservoir - a constant source of energy, determination and kindness.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama



Meditate upon bodhicitta when afflicted by disease.
Meditate upon bodhicitta when sad.
Meditate upon bodhicitta when suffering occurs.
Meditate upon bodhicitta when you get scared.


Khunu Rinpoche



After realizing the things of this world are unreal,
There is little benefit in dwelling in solitude.

When the falsehoods of phenomenal appearances have collapsed into their own nature (emptiness),
And the unaltered nature of phenomena has been recognized,
Do not nit-pick the subtle concepts of grasping and grasped,
Or attach to the contaminated virtuous deeds.

Please maintain the stronghold of the vast expanse of primordial pure nature.





The foundation of devotion is confidence in your essence. If you don’t have confidence in your essence, you cannot have true devotion; it becomes more like fear than devotion.


Tai Situ Rinpoche



Pilgrimage needs faith. The more faith, the more happiness. Otherwise, you are just like a tourist looking at ruins.


Lama Zopa Rinpoche



Even if you are sitting in the same place as the lama, without focus and devotion, you won’t receive many blessings.


His Holiness the Karmapa



If someone defames and disgraces you, that is simply the result of having criticized and dishonored others in the past, especially bodhisattvas. Instead of feeling angry with such people, you should feel grateful to them for giving you the opportunity to purify your past misdeeds.


In all circumstances, it is important to act in accordance with the teachings - but especially at such moments. What is the point of having received teachings if you do not apply them? Unfavorable circumstances are the best opportunity you will have to put the teachings into practice.


Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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