The Twelve Links of Dependent Arising

Buddhism and science assert that all physical phenomena arise dependently with the meeting of causes and conditions. For example, a sprout arises dependently, when the seed (the cause) meets with warmth and moisture (the conditions).

A statement which we often hear in modern science is that the energy which makes up physical matter never goes out of existence, but only its state changes.


Similarly, Buddhism can describe the mind from the point of view of an energy that never goes out of existence, but only its state changes.


The twelve links of dependent arising explains the mechanism of the mind's uncontrollably recurring rebirth (samsara).


Buddhism asserts that we will continue to experience this uncontrollably recurring sequence of the twelve links, until we break it, thus freeing ourselves, and experiencing the ever lasting bliss, peace, and happiness of liberation, and further, the enlightened state of a Buddha for the benefit of all beings.


Chamtrul Rinpoche will speak about how this mechanism of samsara works, and what we need to do in order to be free from it.


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