The Longchen Nyingtik Ngondro

The Longchen Nyingtik is a spiritual treasure from the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, the oldest school in Tibet.


Containing a precious collection of practices from sutra, tantra, and dzogchen, it constitutes a complete path, by which an ordinary person can transform his or her mind, taking them from their present state, all the way to the enlightened state of Buddhahood.

The Longchen Nyingtik translates as ‘The Heart Essence Teachings of Longchenpa’. He was one of the greatest dzogchen masters of all time, and one of the most outstanding authors in the history of Tibetan Buddhism.


Practiced by thousands throughout the course of history, the Longchen Nyingtik is a tried and tested path, which proves to be as relevant today in the West, as it was centuries ago in Tibet.


Containing clearly laid out stages, each relying on the one before, the first stage are the preliminary practices, known as ‘ngondro’ in Tibetan.


Every single master has emphasized the need for the preliminary practices. Without them, it would be impossible to achieve the intended result of tantra or dzogchen, that of the enlightened state of a Buddha. It is said that it would be like trying to build a house on thin ice. We must make the foundations first.


After completing the ngondro, a qualified master instructs the student in the various stages of tantra. Finally, if the student is ready, he or she will be instructed in the practice of dzogchen.


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