The Eight Worldly Dharmas

The eight worldly Dharmas are our eight preoccupations with the constantly changing things in our life:

Hope for happiness and fear of suffering.

Hope for fame and fear of insignificance.
Hope for praise and fear of blame.
Hope for gain and fear of loss.

The more that we become preoccupied with these, the more we feel unsettled, anxious, worried, dissatisfied, and upset.


Not only do they cause all kinds of problems for ourselves and others, and  consume a vast amount of energy and time, which could otherwise be invested in the spiritual path, but they also hinder our chances of experiencing deeper levels of peace, happiness, and contentment.

Chamtrul Rinpoche will speak about these eight, and how developing the determination to be free from them does not give rise to a miserable rejection of the world.  But instead, when based on the understanding of what is happening now, and what can be achieved, it will give rise to a joyous courage, an immensely uplifting feeling, that will propel us on our spiritual path.

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