Mind is the Root of Suffering and Happiness

Every being wants to be happy all of the time. But without knowing how to achieve this, we will continue to experience an ever changing level of happiness or suffering.

Sometimes we have a neutral feeling, neither happy, nor unhappy. But more often we have a slight feeling of happiness, which can increase in strength all the way up to an incredibly joyous, and blissful state. Or we have a slight feeling of unhappiness, which can increase in strength all the way up to an unbearable state.

During every single moment of our life we slide up and down this spectrum of happiness and suffering, and will continue to do so for as long as we have uncontrollably recurring rebirths, samsara.


Chamtrul Rinpoche will speak about how the mind is the root of both of these fleeting states of happiness and suffering, and will explain how we can increase the former and lessen the latter. He will also speak about how it's possible to get rid of these fleeting states forever, by actualizing the ever lasting bliss and happiness of liberation from samsara, and further, the enlightened state of a Buddha for the benefit of all beings.


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