Visiting Chamtrul Rinpoche in India

A Guide to Dharamsala


Over the years, ever since Chamtrul Rinpoche first moved to the Indian Himalayan town of Dharamsala, he has taught many visiting and residential students from around the world. Below you will find helpful information for your visit.


If you would like the map and directions for the Bodhicitta Dharma Centre, where Chamtrul Rinpoche teaches from, click here.



Between 1,250 and 1,982 metres.



Maximum 38 degree celsius in June; minimum 0 degree C. in January.

Annual Rainfall

Varies between 290 and 380cm. Monsoon season is July to September.


Woollen in winter and cotton or tropical in summer. An umbrella is essential during Dharamsala's notorious monsoon season.


There is an airport about eighteen kilometers from lower Dharamsala connecting to Delhi, Pathankot, Kullu, Shimla. Dharamsala can also be reached by an overnight or day bus from Delhi, which takes about twelve to fourteen hours.

A more comfortable alternative would be to take a twelve-hour train trip from Delhi to Pathankot and then a four-hour bus or three-hour taxi ride to Dharamsala. From there buses and taxis regularly shuttle people to McLeod Ganj, where Chamtrul Rinpoche lives, and where the Bodhicitta Dharma Centre is located.


There are a number of hotels and guest houses that offer a wide range of rooms for different budgets. Most high and medium budget ones have bathrooms attached to rooms, while the low budget ones often have communal bathrooms.


Telephone numbers of hotels & guest houses (Prefix +91-1892)


Amatsang House, Temple Rd 221189, 221181
Ashoka Guest House 221763
Ashoka  Restaurant 221589
Annex Hotel 221002/220814
Bhagsu Hotel 221091/2 21902
Chinar Lodge 221767
Chonor House  221077/221006/221468
Chuwar Guest House 225039
Clouds End Villa Cottages 222109/224904
Dhauladhar Hotel 224926
Kailwood Guest House 220532
Glenmour Cottage 221010
Green Hotel & Restaurant 21200  Res 2 21121
Him Queen Hotel 221184 /221861
Himalaya Hotel 220523/220660
Himgiri Hotel 221898
Hotel Tibet 221587/221426 (GM-221425)
India House 221457/ 221144
International Guest House 221476
Kailash Hotel 221044
Kalsang Guest House 221709
Kareri Lodge 221132
Kashmir Cottage 224929
Khawachen Guest House 221052
Kokonor Hotel 221011
Kongpo Guest House 221086
Kunga Hotel 221180
Ladies Venture 221559 
Lhagyal Cafe 228713
Losel Ling Guest House 221087
Losel Ling Samdup Khangsar 221072
Megavan Resort 221277
Mount View 221382/ 221286/221992
Ngari Guest House 221854
Natraj Hotel 221575
Nishad Hotel 22 1707
Om Hotel 221313
Paljor Gakyil Guest House 223143
Pema Thang Hotel 221871
Pink House 225193
Sahima Lodge 221505
Seven Hills Guest House 221580
Snow Lion Hotel 221289
Spring Resort 221248
Staff Mess, Gangkyi 222582
Surya Hotel 221418/ 2 21419
Takhyil House 221332
Takten House 221521
Tara Guest House 221189,   221181
Tenwang Guest House 221240
U-Pel House 223301
Yatri Niwas 223163/ 222460
Yellow Guest House 221754

Travel Agencies

Telephone numbers of travel agencies (Prefix +91-1892)


Bedi Tours & Travels 221235/221400/221359 
Destination Travels 221299 
Dharamsala Tours & Travel 223040/224015  
Dhauladhar Travels 221158/221946 
Himachal Tours & Travel 221273 /221323 
Katoch Travels 221428/221628/221453 
Potala Tours & Travels 221378 
Rudrika Travels 221212, 221533 
Sagar Tours & Travels 221929 
Tibet Tours & Travels 221832/220383 
Torism Information Center 221205/ 221235 
V.J.Travels India (Bhagsu Road) 221145 
Ways Tours & Travels 221355 
Western Travels 221926/222357 
Himalaya Tours & Travels  221236/220714
Himalaya Fun 'n' Tours 221002/220814
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