Thank you very much for your interest in donating to Bodhicitta.  Many of Chamtrul Rinpoche's activities throughout the world are dependent on the kindness and assistance of others. 


Do not disregard small positive acts,

Thinking they are without benefit,

Because even tiny drops of water,

Will eventually fill a large container.


Shakyamuni Buddha 


Donate to The Bodhicitta Fund

Motivated by compassion in action, The Bodhicitta Fund supports the activities of Chamtrul Rinpoche.  All who work for Bodhicitta joyfully do so in an unpaid voluntary capacity, ensuring that 100% of your donation goes towards Chamtrul Rinpoche's worldwide teaching tours (travel costs, venue hire, etc) and the running costs of the Bodhicitta Dharma Centre in Dharamsala, India.


Click HERE for the different ways to make a donation.


Donate Your Time

Bodhicitta relies exclusively on people who joyfully work in an unpaid voluntary capacity. If you would like to donate some of your time, we would be happy to welcome you into one of the teams.  In the case that some roles may already be covered, we will nevertheless greatly appreciate your generous offer and your support.  Please contact us to indicate your availability, along with your contact details, and the kind of work you would like to do.


You can even help right now by spreading the news of any event, or passing on a link to this website, or sharing the Facebook page of Chamtrul Rinpoche





Thank you very much for your kind support


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