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Tibetan Buddhism's ancient teachings and practices remain as relevant today as ever, by offering methods by which an ordinary person can transform his or her mind all of the way up to the enlightened state of a buddha.


Bodhicitta's aim is to help to make these teachings and practices as accessible as possible by serving as a vehicle for the activities of Chamtrul Rinpoche.

Chamtrul Rinpoche

After only ever teaching monastics in the traditional monasteries of Tibet and India, in 1996 Chamtrul Rinpoche began to receive numerous invitations to teach international dharma students in the Indian Himalayan town of Dharamsala.


Shortly after doing that, he soon began to receive more invites from students and dharma centres abroad. He then had his first ever international teaching tour.


Within a few years of Chamtrul Rinpoche's new annual schedule, of giving regular teachings in India and touring the world, a gathering of international students took place in Dharamsala. Eager to offer help, they established the non-profit charitable organiztion Bodhicitta and the Bodhicitta Dharma Centre, that would both assist Chamtrul Rinpoche with his worldwide dharma activites.


All who offer assistance at Bodhicitta joyfully do so in a voluntary capacity, ensuring that 100% of any donation goes directly towards the travel and venue costs of Chamtrul Rinpoche's worldwide teaching tours, and the running costs of the Bodhicitta Dharma Centre in Dharamsala, India.


Always teaching in accordance with a student's temperament, interest, and capacity, Chamtrul Rinpoche's range of subjects include the buddhadharma of sutra, tantra, and dzogchen, while giving any necessary transmission or empowerment. Teaching also in a secular capacity to the general public, he has now taught thousands of people from about a hundred different countries.


Inspired by the meaning of bodhicitta, it was the name given to this organization by Chamtrul Rinpoche.


Definition of Bodhicitta


Bodhicitta is a Sanskrit word that directly translates into English as The Mind of Enlightenment.


The Mind of Enlightenment is defined as having the compassionate wish to attain the enlightened state of a buddha for the benefit of all beings.

Bodhicitta's Emblem


Within Buddhism the image of a vajra can be interrupted in a number of different ways. In the context of Bodhicitta's emblem, the vajra is known as the symbol of the indestructibility of buddhahood.


Once buddhahood is attained, it can never be lost, harmed, or destroyed. Forever free of all obscurations, the primordially pure and omniscient mind of a buddha effortlessly gives rise to immeasurable qualities that will forever benefit each and every being without exception.

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