About Bodhicitta

Inspired by the meaning of the word bodhicitta - mind of enlightenment - it was the name given to this charitable organization by Chamtrul Rinpoche, the renowned master and scholar from the Nyingma tradition, the oldest school of Tibetan Buddhism.


Tibetan Buddhism's ancient teachings and practices remain as relevant today as ever, by offering methods by which an ordinary person can transform his or her mind all of the way up to the enlightened state of Buddhahood.


Made up of a growing network of groups and individuals who are dedicated to the preservation and continuation of Tibetan Buddhism, Bodhicitta makes the teachings and practices accessible to all by serving as the vehicle for the activities of Chamtrul Rinpoche.



The Emblem


The emblem is of a vajra, the symbol of the indestructibility of Buddhahood. Once Buddhahood is attained, it can never be lost, harmed, or destroyed. Free of all obscurations, the immeasurable qualities of a Buddha will forever benefit each and every being without exception.




Chamtrul Rinpoche

Definition of Bodhicitta


Often translated as the mind of enlightenment, bodhicitta is the compassionate wish to attain the enlightened state of a Buddha for the benefit of all beings.


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