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No matter how many enemies that one meets, no matter what they do, no matter who they are, not one of them exists without being dependent upon the internal enemy.  For as long as there is grasping at ‘self’, there will always be ‘other’. The moment that the mind is rid of this, all enemies, both internal and external, will disappear.


Chamtrul Rinpoche



If one tries to befriend an enemy for a moment, he becomes your friend.
The same thing occurs when one treats a friend as an enemy.
Therefore, by understanding the impermanence of temporal relations,
Wise ones are never attached to food, clothing or reputation, nor to friends or enemies.


The father becomes the son in another life,
Mother becomes the wife,
Enemy becomes friend;
It always changes.
Therefore there is nothing definite in samsara.


Shakyamuni Buddha



Once you have the View, although the delusory perceptions of samsara may arise in your mind, you will be like the sky; when a rainbow appears in front of it, it’s not particularly flattered, and when the clouds appear it’s not particularly disappointed either. There is a deep sense of contentment. You chuckle from inside as you see the facade of samsara and nirvana; the View will keep you constantly amused, with a little inner smile bubbling away all the time.

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche



Without the discipline of guarding the mind, what use are any other disciplines?





If you make a real effort to take refuge sincerely in the Three Jewels, everything that opposes your practice will be transformed into favorable circumstances and your merit will grow unceasingly.


Patrul Rinpoche



By understanding emptiness, you lose interest in all the trappings and beliefs that society builds up and tears down - political systems, science and technology, global economy, free society, the United Nations. You become like an adult who is not so interested in childrens games.


Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche



Kindness to oneself means undertaking the responsibility for one’s own liberation.


His Holiness the Karmapa

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