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Quotes from Chamtrul Rinpoche and other masters of Buddhism



People can spend their entire life searching for enlightenment outside, travelling the whole world from the bottom of the oceans to the top of the mountains - they can search as much as they like, but it won't be found anywhere other than inside that which is doing the searching.


Chamtrul Rinpoche



Without calmness of mind, it is very hard to have a sense of delight. Without this sense of delight, there is no genuine compassion. If we are totally preoccupied with our own experience - how I feel, what my problem is, and so forth - there is no chance at all for us to care about how others feel. There is simply no room for compassion.


Tsoknyi Rinpoche



There are different levels of faith. First, "clear faith" refers to the joy and clarity and change in our perceptions that we experience when we hear about the qualities of the Three Jewels and the lives of the Buddha and the great teachers.


"Longing faith" is experienced when we think about the latter and are filled with a great desire to know more about their qualities and to acquire these ourselves.


"Confident faith" comes through practicing the Dharma, when we acquire complete confidence in the truth of the teachings and the enlightenment of the Buddha.


Finally, when faith has become so much a part of ourselves that even if our lives were at risk we could never give it up, it has become "irreversible faith."


Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche



Wherever there is space, five elements pervade,
Wherever the five elements, the homes of living beings,
Wherever living beings, karma and defilements,
Wherever is defilement, my compassion also.
Wherever is the need of beings, there I am to help them.


Yeshe Tsogyal



When you enter the path of Buddhist practice you’re ending an abusive relationship with yourself.


Mingyur Rinpoche



Jigme Lingpa has advised us that as practitioners, we need two things. One is humility and the other is confidence. When you lose your inspiration, when you think that you are lazy and you don’t have devotion, then you should think, 'The fact that I think like this is good, it means that I am considering this as a problem.' That realization is some kind of renunciation, or at least food for renunciation. And thinking like that, having that kind of attitude, is confidence. And then again sometimes we should think, 'What I am practicing is not enough.' Not only sometimes, actually, most of the time we should think that what we are doing is not enough, we have to do more. The purification that we are engaging in, the accumulation of merit that we are doing, is not enough. Never enough. That is the practice of humility. So this, too, is really important.

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche



Reason well from the beginning and then there will never be any need to look back with confusion and doubt.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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